White Living Room

By | June 19, 2019

White Living Room

A white living room is becoming a trend in most houses today because it exudes utmost cleanliness and neatness. In fact, majority of people who prefer white living rooms stick to this color motif because it brings relaxation and sense of order in their households.

Since white subtly indicates cleanliness and purity, people are quite interested to have this house motif because it may reflect their individual personalities. Although the color white is very tempting to have as a living room motif, you must analyze first its advantages and disadvantages. The color white is very pleasing to the eye but it can be boring as times go by. It may bring you relaxation at first, but it can also bring a sense of sadness in the long run especially if you don’t rearrange the decors often or if you don’t put other accessories to accentuate it.

Aside from that, you must also contemplate if you can handle having this as a motif of your living room because it can be hard to maintain especially if you live with other people in the house who are not into cleaning and maintaining things.

After evaluating everything and still decide to have white as a color motif for your living room, then you should start researching about the pieces of furniture, fabrics, and decors that you can use.

Creating a white living room

Psychologists agree that colors have deep association with people’s emotions. To those who are into elegance, cleanliness, class, and purity, white is the most recommended color for their living rooms. To be able to create a white living room that will satisfy the homeowner’s taste and preference, the following should be considered.

1. Picking the right kind of white. Although the color white may suggest an absence of color, white also have different moods that are responsible for an array of textures and wealthy details that may lead to stunning visual appeal. You must know the right kind of white to be able to achieve your purpose of using it. If you want to make a small space feel and seem larger, opt for plainest white to wring out most colors spots. If you prefer a warmer ambiance, prefer whites that are vibrant and can be easily matched with accessories and furniture pieces that have natural or earth tones. If you prefer the feel of a natural environment, prefer the kind of white that is relaxing and with deeper shade so you can easily complement it flowers and plants.

2. Complementing decors and accessories. One of the major advantages of a the color white when it comes to living rooms is that you can practically match it with other colors of decors and accessories without ruining balance and harmony. Because of its uniformity, white is considered a perfect background to complement all kinds of furniture pieces and accessories. Although white can complement almost all kinds and colors, make sure that colors and kinds of decorations, furniture, and accessories also complement each other.

3. Matching furniture pieces. White is preferred by many people because of its clean, fresh, and crisp ambiance. However, because of being plain, it can be hard to look for furniture pieces that can totally match the color. What you can do is to decide what kind of ambiance you wish to have. If you want a cozy atmosphere, opt for native furniture pieces that come in warm earth tones. If you prefer a more formal atmosphere, opt for leather and metal furniture pieces to complement the white background.

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