Tuscan Kitchen Design

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Tuscan Kitchen Design

Tuscan kitchen designs serves as a more open expression when it comes to artistic vision. For many interior designers and decorators, this theme still lives on even today to be one of the most popular looks that any homeowner would kill for.

Tuscan kitchen design is meant to be colorful, considering that part of central Italy that is known to be an artistic epicenter for culture, and how people lived as one with the earth. In many Tuscan homes, it would seem that the kitchen is the best place to hold any gatherings aside from the usual common room. Traditional ones in Italy are mostly made of earth, while a few modern materials like plastics, stainless steel and ceramics are considered as enhancements.

The basic design of Tuscan kitchens may vary, but in any aspect it should have a sense of uniqueness when it comes to presentation. Standard appliances like a stove, refrigerator and ovens have been spruced up in such a way that would make it appear more classical. Retro is mildly putting it.

Earth tones for wall decoration is the basic theme for most Tuscan kitchens, especially with floors as anything can and will happen when it comes to giving it an artistic touch. Materials such as terra cotta, glass, paints and even some pictures can give life to the floor only, along with a few other things such as shells and sand.

Wood and marble for countertops is also an important aspect of Tuscan kitchen design, allowing the homeowner to be encouraged to breathe in all the smells of the kitchen. The main point for cabinetry is to give the wood the Old World look, where even the homeowner can do with a few tricks. Aged wood is the best medium in order to create shelves. And as an added touch, decorating the empty spaces on the shelves with various objects like empty wine, cognac, or even earthenware water vessels would work best with a Tuscan setting.

Interior designers all over have owed the Tuscan kitchen design over the years, inspiring them to create a more dramatic look even with the current materials today. Ingenuity is the main focus on how to create a lifelike rendition of Tuscan living, especially in the kitchen where every crock-pot, spoon and other utensils has a history behind it. And the most interesting part about Tuscan design is the ability to allow modern conveniences like dishwashers and the like by using certain kits to create the old look. It’s nothing like the retro look that most Americans are very familiar with, but rather to make a Tuscan kitchen a place that is brimming with life.

While a handful of designers have attempted to modify the Tuscan kitchen with today’s modern look, almost none of them have ever succeeded, since that type of look takes a life on its own with the right amount of decoration. Another example is the usage of cold pressed hooks, knobs and handles for shelves and cupboards will add another notch to the Tuscan look.

Using a Tuscan kitchen design requires a lot of hard work, even with interior designers that would make the investment something worthwhile. Of course it takes a bit of time once the layout of the kitchen space have been plotted, but nevertheless, the Tuscan kitchen design has been the most favored for most Americans over the years.

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