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Living Room Sofas

Choosing a sofa may seem like a breeze for some while others find it a very tedious job. You first need to know that the sofa should look right in the spot you assigned for it. It also should be functional and convenient enough for use and maintenance. There are a few guidelines you need to follow in order to have the perfect sofa for your living room.

Things to Look Out For

What size do you need? Some big sofas may look majestic but your living room might be a bit small to accommodate it well. Very large sofas can overwhelm small living rooms ruining symmetry. The same goes for very small sized sofas. You may need to add another one to compensate for the extra space or the room will look rather empty. Measure the dimensions of your living room first then compare these with the width and height of the sofa you’re eyeing on.

What color do you want? Some trendy sofas may be sporting very bright colors that go out of season fast. This can cost you a lot of extra expenses if you plan to change covers or buy another one that fits the standard. It is better to stick with neutral colors like white, black, brown or beige then accentuate with pillows having a variety of patterns and colors. You will be able to get the look you want by simply changing the accents. You also need to check the color of your room if the sofa will compliment it well. Aim for colors that provide a warm contrast to the room.

What style is good for you? Your sofa needs to fit well into the overall theme of your living room. Oriental or Victorian sofas look very stylish and elegant but may not look as great when placed in contemporary style rooms. You may have the room determine what kind of sofa you need or vice-versa. Observe the material and determine whether you prefer leather, cotton, silk, etc. The fabric should be very comfortable with the frame creating a nice blend. Check the padding and foam as well as the armrest if everything is just right for rest and relaxation.

Maintenance and Buying Tips

How do you intend to clean the sofa? Sofas that double as a bed are very heavy so it will require more than one person to move and clean under it. You may want to get a sofa with legs instead for lower maintenance. If you have pets or children, it is recommended to get a sofa with removable pillows so you can easily remove stains, hairs and furs. The material of the sofa must be convenient enough for you. Leather is easier to clean compared to cotton and silk.

Some sofas are included in living room sets together with one or two chairs o a love seat. Sets always come in the same color and style and will help fill up your living room. Always check if all the pieces conveniently fit in the room. Check the frame and make of the sofa and ask for warranties. You may also want to ask if the seller is able to deliver the sofa to your place directly. Make sure you see several sofas first before deciding which one is the best for you.

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