Fall into Fragrant Decor This Season

By | June 22, 2019

Fall into Fragrant Decor This Season

Fall into Fragrant Decor This Season

The warm, crisp and rustic scents of the autumn harvest are a refreshing close to summer and a perfect lead-in to the dramatic winter months. Fall is the best time of year to celebrate the scents of nature and bring annual traditions of festivals and apple picking to life by enhancing your home decor with seasonal fragrance.

The dark and rich brown, black and orange color palettes and silk, cashmere and chenille fabric textures associated with fall allow for unexpected, yet beautiful, combinations of decor in the home. Jodi Villani, head of the visual merchandising department of Yankee Candle Company, takes advantage of the fall time to be resourceful and daring and combine nature and fragrance.

“Fall is the moment to make a statement with your own decorating style,” says Villani, “But a room without fragrance is an unfinished statement. Yankee Candle’s fall aromas are the perfect accents to home decor, entertaining and creating a special ambiance to evoke feelings and memories.”

Villani, who is charged with visualizing and creating year-round displays in Yankee Candle’s destination flagship store and 420 retail stores around the country, believes that great fragrance will enhance the overall atmosphere and create the desired mood in any room — a concept candle connoisseurs refer to as “scentmosphere.” She offers the following decorating tips to coordinate styles and scents and create the ultimate “scentmosphere” for the change of seasons:

Mix Tradition and Trend.
Use branches or late summer blooms to fill a contemporary vase and accent it with single stems in assorted antique bottles for a surprising table or mantle display. Let the vibrant medley of birch and maple leaves found in Yankee Candle’s Autumn Wreath fragrance enhance the mood.

Brown is the New Black.
Tobaccos, milk and dark chocolate tones are the perfect complement to all ranges of oranges, greens and reds. Red and brown is the most compelling, impactful and unexpected combination. Yankee Candle’s latest seasonal fragrance, Fall Festival, will match the lighting and mood and provide subtle hints of brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, cocoa and other delicious notes.

Express Your “Perscentality.”
First, visualize and create spaces to accommodate your personal styles and overall themes in the home. Then, finish the decor with a fragrance that matches your “perscentality” as well as the mood, light and style you have achieved.

Villani always recommends taking chances, breaking some rules and creating a unique style in the home during the fall, and complete the statement with a signature Yankee Candle to match. Yankee Candle’s fall favorites include Fall Festival, Autumn Leaves, Autumn Woods, Autumn Wreath, Harvest and MacIntosh, and all offer a cornucopia of ideas for the ultimate fall experience.

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