Blue Living Room

By | June 14, 2019

Blue Living Room

It has been discovered long ago that colors may say a lot of things about a person. This is because colors are deeply connected with people’s emotions. Blue—being one the most favorite colors of males and females—is now also being used as a color motif in living rooms because it connotes serenity, tranquility, and relaxation. But, more than the beauty and peacefulness it creates, a blue living room may also say something about the homeowner who prefers it.

A blue living room may bring relaxation to the owner because the nature of the color used itself has relaxing and comforting features. However, if not used properly, the color blue used in living rooms may also bring unexplained sadness and melancholy.

In colors, blue is known to be deeply associated with depth of feelings. Commonly referred to as the color of “tranquility,” the color blue appeals to many people because it is the color of the sea and sky that bring comfort and serenity.

Considered as a the color of peace and royalty, people who love the color blue are known to be sensitive, perceptive, calm, affectionate, tender, loving but passive at times. If you prefer blue living room, it means that you crave for peace, calmness, and serenity in your life and to the lives of people around you. It also means that you crave for harmony and balance in your life.

A blue living room may also reflect your individual characteristics such as being capable, sensitive to other’s emotions and needs, being a loyal and great friend, being honest, reliable, and trustworthy. The color motif you have chosen may reveal how cautious or sensitive you are terms of expressing yourself and in whatever you do. It may also reveal your creative, imaginative, and artistic side.

Creating a serene blue living room

If you are looking forward to having a blue living room to be used a relaxation haven, here are simple steps you can follow to create a simple yet elegant living room.

1. Decide the shades of blue you wish to use. In the color palette, the color blue comes in so many different shades, which can create various visual appeals. If you prefer a cozier living room, opt for darker shades of blue such as royal blue to bring out cozy atmosphere. If you want a warmer living room, choose lighter shades of blue to bring out a more relaxing ambiance. In choosing the right kind of blue, make sure that you have researched very well because this will totally decide the overall outcome of your living room. (TIP: If you are confused what kind of blue you should use, buy some blue paints that come in various shades and tone and try each one of them in a piece of paper. By doing this, you can determine which is the most suitable kind that will appeal to you. If you can’t seem to find the tone of blue that will match your preference, you can always mix and match some of the available colors to come up with the perfect shade for you!)

2. Choose pieces of furniture that will match your background. After deciding the kind of blue for your background, make sure that you choose pieces of furniture that will match this. The most ideal type of furniture to be used in a blue background is metal because the silver component goes well with blue tones. However, you can always opt for leather pieces that come in subtle hues of blue for your blue living room.

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