Industry Experts Elect the Top 10 Home Decor Trends for 2008

Much like we can expect from the American people in next year’s election, the votes among the nation’s top interior designers and manufacturers are split when it comes to forecasting what will be “hot” in home decor in 2008. The good news is that there’s no mudslinging or veto power. In fact, design bipartisanship is… Read More »

Lighting and Decorating Tips that will Make a Room Sparkle

The fabrics you pick for your upholstery pieces and the lighting fixtures you place overhead and at tabletop height can make a room sparkle or fall flat. According to Candice Olson, celebrated interior designer and TV host, bringing the necessary ‘bling’ to a space demands two important decorating concepts — dramatically detailed or styled upholstery… Read More »

Fall into Fragrant Decor This Season

Fall into Fragrant Decor This Season The warm, crisp and rustic scents of the autumn harvest are a refreshing close to summer and a perfect lead-in to the dramatic winter months. Fall is the best time of year to celebrate the scents of nature and bring annual traditions of festivals and apple picking to life… Read More »

Decorating Tips for Small Rooms

Whether you live in an apartment, sold your house for a condo in the city or simply have smaller rooms in your home, decorating areas with limited space can be a challenge. But by following some simple rules, you can easily utilize the space you have while still projecting your personal style. “Small rooms are… Read More »

Getting The Classic French Style In Your Home

Getting The Classic French Style In Your Home Are you looking to get the classic French style in your home, well don’t worry you don’t have to speak French to get the style. It’s not hard to get the style, just take a look at the following directions. Used, worn, imperfect but beautifully architectural elements… Read More »

White Living Room

White Living Room A white living room is becoming a trend in most houses today because it exudes utmost cleanliness and neatness. In fact, majority of people who prefer white living rooms stick to this color motif because it brings relaxation and sense of order in their households. Since white subtly indicates cleanliness and purity,… Read More »

Painting Living Room

Painting Living Room Your home is definitely composed of different rooms. Indeed, you would want to attend to painting them with the most pleasing colors that you desire for. You have the bedroom, kitchen, living room, and many others. You may not want to apply one color for the entire house so therefore you have… Read More »

Country Living Room Design

Country Living Room Design When one says he/she wants a country living room design, there a number of things that come into mind. The usual common impression however, is that the house is somewhat “homey” because this is the striking quality of country living room design. The evolution of such design style has introduced a… Read More »

Small Living Room Design

Small Living Room Design If you have a small living room, chances are you also have small furniture and fixtures to match. But this doesn’t have to be your final resort if you do have a small living room. Designing a small living room may be a challenge, but it is quite fulfilling when you… Read More »

Traditional Living Room Design

Traditional Living Room Design When we think of traditional living room design we often associate it with large houses, manors, hotels and palaces. Traditional living room design has existed for a long time because of the formal and graceful effect it brings to the home. Throughout the years, traditional living room design has evolved and… Read More »