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    About us

    What is the Wired Cup? Originally created as an outlet to showcase the artwork of Dave and Ann Jackson, the idea expanded into something much more. Although productive, they both knew they would need to supplement their work with that of other artisans and manufacturers of the novel and the distinctive. Then came the idea of coffee. After all, they both like to drink the black stuff. So why not serve it? And if you’re going to serve it, make it good. So good they made it. Premium beans from Fernwood roasters in Victoria arrive weekly to ensure the freshest espresso, lattes, cappucinos, mochas and french press coffee. Along with locally sourced chai and tea and the mix was complete. And if that wasn’t enough, we have added food the mix -- sandwiches and salads and, well you never just know what might be coming out of the kitchen. Check out our facebook page for the menu, because it will be a changing. A one stop refreshment, gift giving, artistic bonanza. Located in the heart of Edmonton’s Strathearn neighborhood, right next to the Red Ox Inn, the Wired Cup is the perfect place to break down, have a flat tire, or just forget for a moment that the world is a pressing, demanding place to be. 

    9418-91 Street, Edmonton, AB


    Monday to Friday 7:30-4:00 • Saturday 9:30-3:00  •  CLOSED Sundays

    Kitchen hours 10:30-3:00 


    Folk Fest Hours -- better late than never.

    Saturday and Sunday 8-2

    We will then be closed for holidays starting Monday, August 8th.

    Open again Wednesday, August 17. Thanks!!!!